Our girls

NordW-17 EE Ch FI Ch Jo-Kin's Second Seduction

born 29.03.2012
dame FI LT EE Ch Red-Deego Rebel Romance
sire SE Ch Tangse Midnight Cowboy

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FI CH FI JV-14 Nord JW-14 Helsinki JW-14 Jo-Kin's Kuka Muu Muka

born 15.1.2014
dame Jo-Kin's pow Chick A Wow Wow
sire FI Ch San Fun Valid Vision

Jo-Kin's Shaken Not Stirred

born 1.5.2015
dame FI SE Ch Jo-Kin's Jolly Rebel
sire FI Ch Leeward's Copper Show Stopper


Heartily Colombia

born 26.1.2014
dame RS JCh Heartily America
sire SK JCh BG JCh RS JCh JWV-13 Habibi Boston Lexus




Jo-Kin's Nothing But The Tea

born 4.4.2017
dame Daltricia Nerthus
sire FI EE CH Thaisu Made For Camelle

co-owned with Miia Turunen

C.I.B. FI SE EE LV LT BY RU & BALT CH Xaga's Lúthien

born 6.10.2010
dame FI NO CH Hashirin's Dad's Heart Throb
sire FI SE EE CH DE JCH Xaga's Albus Dumbledore

co-owned with Ida Savolainen

Jo-Kin's Pow Chick A Wow Wow

born 24.6.2011
dame FI SE LV Ch Jo-Kin's Jolly Rebel
sire FI SE Ch Mintzun Prime Time

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Co-owned with Tuomas Eloranta