Jo-Kin's Second Seduction

FI EE CH NordW-17 Jo-Kin's Second Seduction

synt. 29.3.2012

isä: FI SE MVA Tangse Midnight Cowboy
emä: FI EE LT MVA Red-Deego Rebel Romance

Inkerin sukutaulu ja näyttely- ja terveystulokset: Kennelliiton jalostustietojärjestelmä

"Inkeri" as a puppy; 8 weeks old, and 6 months old

Inkeri is my golden girl - I love her to bits! One should not have favourites but she is so special to me. She is the true Shih Tzu in my eyes. I think Inkeri is very balanced and very healthy in every way. Even one judge, who is also a veterinarian, said she has never seen a Shih Tzu with so healthy construction as this one does!

Inkeri has nothing exaggerated, but she is still so much according to the standard. She is low to the ground, heavy boned, well angulated so she can move easily, open nostrils, round dark eyes well set apart, beautiful round skull with a typical expression and definitive stop. I have never had as easy maintained coat as she has, very human hair like, not easily tangled and yet plenty enough. And I just love the fact that she can present herself to perfection in the show ring free standing!

Inkeri 12/2017 (c) Mr T Cassentieri

Inkeri as junior and as puppy on the move