FI Ch LV Ch EE Ch Aleksandrian Are You Joking

"Mocca" has THE attitude. She holds her head high and doesn't care of others when she strolls on her way. She is very rich in temper and no-one brings her down. True show dog she truly is. And what we love about her appearance most is her face, those dark round eyes, slightly tilted, square liquorice nose and definite stop of skull just makes her look just the way a true shih tzu should. Most lovely, big and round head just brings it about. That comes from the father's side we think, since our boy "Örkki" (Ch Jo-Kin's Jolly Royal) also has a very lovely head.

Mocca has made few but very high quality puppies, who have already gained some big wins and titles. Photos of some underneath here. There is strength of bones in her line and most beautiful heads, but also movement that catches the eye. She herself is already retired from the show rings probably for good, but her line of succession keeps going on strong..

Mocca 8 weeks

Mocca 8 months

Mocca's father:

Mocca's grandmother:

FI EE Ch Jo-Kin's Jolly Royal

FI EE LT Ch Red-Deego Rebel Romance

Winning r-BIS at Finnish Shih Tzu Club's Club Show 2011

Mocca's children:

Litter U 2012: 1+1

HeW-14 FI Ch LT Ch Jo-Kin's Unwritten Heart Song "Pom Pom"

Litter W 2013: 2+1

FI Ch SE Ch WJW-14 Jo-Kin's Wag That Ducktail "Harley"

Jo-Kin's Watch Me Fly Fly at Daltricia "Whoopy" (exported to UK)